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Ex-politikal prisoner Dhoruba bin Wahad talkz of UN request on COINTELPRO casez

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Originally posted on Moorbey'z Blog:

Ex-political prisoner Dhoruba bin Wahad discusses United Nations review of C OINTELPRO cases

by Michael Richardson

Ex-political prisoner Dhoruba bin Wahad discusses United Nations review of C OINTELPRO cases
Dhoruba bin Wahad


Dhoruba bin Wahad (former Richard Moore) served nineteen years in prison for the May 1971 attempted murder in a drive-by shooting of two New York City policemen guarding the home of Manhattan District Attorney Frank Hogan. Dhoruba was released after he obtained exculpatory evidence withheld by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. While in prison, Dhoruba won the release of 300,000 pages of FBI documents including secret COINTELPRO directives. Operation COINTELPRO was a clandestine and illegal counterintelligence program directed against political activists from 1956 to 1971, under J. Edgar Hoover’s close supervision. Dhoruba’s activism made him a target of the COINTELPRO operation.

Dhoruba is planning on attending the Universal Periodic Review by the United Nations of human rights treaty compliance by the United States. The UPR will be held in Geneva…

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Carbon Cycle Diaries ~ A Reflection by Professor A.L.I.

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Carbon Cycle Diaries ~ A Reflection

The other day I called up the grandson of one of my penultimate role models: Malcolm X; it was his namesake and only male heir, Malcolm Shabazz , who was on his way to a speech. While on the phone he tells me that a mutual friend of ours was in the car with him. I immediately asked him to deliver the universal Islamic greeting, ‘Asalaamu’Alaykum’ on my behalf.

I heard Malcolm in the background as he said, “Aye Yo, Professor A.L.I. says ‘Asalaamu’Alaykum’.”

This was the moment that ‘it’ hit me; it was like a reality verifying pinch that this journey I’ve been on is in fact real. In many ways the ‘Carbon Cycle Diaries’ project has felt like a dream. I never would’ve believed that I would actually collaborate with artists that I listened to as a hip-hop fiend in the…

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Who’s ready?

Who’s ready to rip the throats of politicians to silence the lie and clear the air of the noise pollution so the voiceless can be heard…?

Who’s ready to liberate the airwave frequencies of the toxic fascism of fear and financial profits…?

Who’s ready the bite the hand that sustains our hunger…?

Who’s ready to stop taking the medicine that’s making us sick…?

Who’s ready to feed bankers silver spoons either in liquid or solid form, we’ll let them decide…?

Who’s ready to make the cops come out with their hands up…?

Who’s ready to surround theses many Jericho prisons and blow horns for seven days until the walls come tumbling down…?

Who’s ready to level the playing field by swinging a wrecking ball into stock exchanges and driving bulldozers across banks…?

Who’s ready to light a match to the money that’s been blocking the warmth & the light…

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Global wealth: 1% own 48%; 10% own 87% and bottom 50% own less than 1% | Michael Roberts Blog

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Niggaz With Latitude (NWL) by Deacon the Villain & Sheisty Khrist

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The Maidan Massacre – prisbelønt dokumentarfilm | Steigan blogger

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Løgn, bløff og skiferolje | Steigan blogger

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