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The Imaginary Nation

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The Imaginary Nation.

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The Void by vagabond ©

“Man would rather have the void as his purpose than be void of purpose.”
– Nietzsche

the void
it can be difficult to imagine a world without the bullshit
but this is done by cruel design by a few to benefit a few
the busy work of survival given from pre-kindergarten to retirement
is a tactic used to keep us busy while they mine the ore
of imagination from deep inside us
and rob us of the wealth of possibilites
securing the creativity that mends the bad leg
that the future has been hobbling in on
in a vault where the scheme is
to monetize love compassion and empathy
so they can be devalued in the marketplace of ideals
in favor of crowning greed and avarice as virtues

jesus christ turned over the tables
of these money changers in the temple
what other way is there to upend an upside down world
what other…

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Get this album.

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Professor A.L.I.

Are You Hip?

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”

When I mention those words to people these days they often wonder, as I did when I encountered the phrase, “Who said that?” in the back of their minds, with an inquisitive countenance.  The answers that float to one’s head differ from person to person but carry the same common thread.  Some wonder if it’s Gandhi, Plato or perhaps Einstein.  The beauty of the quote lies in the answer to that query.  One way to approach it is to ask them have they truly listened to “Purple Haze” by Jimi HendrixHendrix would not be considered by the masses to be a “thinking person” of the highest quality, but this simple fact belies the great lesson taught here.  If one’s mind is open to truly listening, then and only then can wisdom be gained by it.


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