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Peace Prize Winner and …. assassin

Brandon Bryant worked for five years as a drone pilot. From a container in New Mexico he guided drones on the other side of the Earth. Together with another pilot, he sat in something that resembles a cockpit of an airplane. The pilots used joysticks and buttons to manoevre the drones and to kill their victims.

In front of them, they had a number of TV screens, like in any other arcade shooting game. Only that their targets were real human beeings. The screens showed what the Predator drones did at their command in Afghanistan. Within five years Brandon Bryant had seen men, women and children die on the screen, because he had pressed a button. One day he could make it no more.

The murder of a child

Along with his co-pilot Bryant were sitting in front of the screens. They saw a…

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It’s Christmas eve all over the world but i have an additional reason for celebration today. On this day eleven years ago my life was changed but i wouldn’t know about how that change would affect me until about six and a half years ago. Even then in that last week of March of 2005 when my girlfriend and i adopted a four and a half-year old pit-bull named Mya, we both had no idea of much of an impact this dog would make on our lives.

Mya was abused as a puppy by a guy who kept her locked up in an apartment, never walked her or let her out and beat her when she made a mess in his house. She was rescued by a neighbor of the man who was abusing Mya but he couldn’t keep her. My girlfriend got an email about Mya from one of…

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Moorbey'z Blog

By Rashid Johnson

Capitalism’s Insane Logic

Capitalist logic proclaims no one has the right to exist, to be here, except the wealthy. This illogic inheres in the very system itself.

Early capitalist economists like Thomas Malthus and David Ricardo expressed it without shame. They explained, in a world ruled by capitalism only the rich have rights. Everyone else exists solely to serve them; to enhance their wealth. Those of no profitable use should receive nothing. For sharing their wealth would only lead to the wealthy’s own impoverishment; making them equals of the common people, which was unthinkable.

Therefore, according to Malthus, those sad unprofitable souls, whom he deemed a surplus population, should just “go somewhere else.” [1] Like to a prison labor camp or to some distant land. Ricardo explained that these are unalterable capitalist principles, “the principle of gravitation,” [2] as he called it. For those unable…

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“Calling PBR street gang.
PBR street gang, this is Almighty.
Can you read me?  Over.”

– Apocalypse Now

apocalypse when 12/21/12
it’ll end one day
but when?
some days i think not soon enough
reality game show host politicians
cops frustrated with the power to kill
corporations are human beings too
profiteers keep the war machine well oiled
with poverty and patriotism
everything must turn a profit to be of some use
i wish that just once just for one day
all the right people would die
someone call in the airstrike
clear the palette of this death culture
it’s a dream
an apocalypse dream
that asks when
because now is not soon enough
– vagabond

The artwork is available on a T-shirt and on a 1″ button from Audio Visual Terrorism


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Steigan blogger

Utdanningsminister Kristin Halvorsen bekrefter nå indirekte at vedtaket om at Norge skulle gå til krig mot Libya brøt med grunnloven. Det er Aftenposten som gjengir utdrag av Halvorsens sjølbiografi der hun avslører regjeringas skandaløse hastverksvedtak om å sende Norge i krig. “– Men jeg angrer ikke på at vi deltok,” sier tidligere leder av det tidligere fredspartiet SV.

Stoltenberg hadde hastverk med å sende Norge i krig

“Torsdag 17. mars 2011, sent på kvelden, vedtok FNs sikkerhetsråd overraskende en resolusjon som åpnet for militær intervensjon. Dagen før hadde utenriksminister Jonas Gahr Støre i Stortinget uttrykt så mye motstand mot en flyforbudssone at opposisjonen mente han var feig.

Resolusjonen snudde opp ned på alt. Fredag 18. mars ca. kl. 17 ringte Støre til Halvorsen, som hadde tatt helgefri på hytta. Det hastet å melde inn norske styrkebidrag, blant annet fordi statsministeren skulle på et toppmøte i Paris dagen etter. Jens Stoltenberg…

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Steigan blogger

Brandon Bryant jobbet i fem år som dronepilot. Fra en konteiner i New Mexico styrte han droner på den andre sida av jorda. Sammen med en annen pilot satt han i noe som ligner en cockpit i et fly. Pilotene hadde hver sine styrespaker og foran seg hadde de en rekke TV-skjermer som viste hva Predator-dronen gjorde på deres kommando i Afghanistan.  I løpet av fem år hadde han sett menn, kvinner og barn dø på de skjernene, fordi han hadde trykket på en knapp. En dag klarte han ikke mer.

Drapet på et barn

Sammen med co-piloten satt Bryant foran skjermene. De så et tørt landskap og et hus med flatt tak. De fikk ordre om å skyte og kollegaen trykket på en knapp som utløste en Hellfire-rakett 10.000 kilometer unna. De så ingen mennesker, men plutselig kom et barn rundt et hjørne. Sekunder etter eksploderte bygningen der borte…

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“In defense of humans
Lay down your sticks and stones
Weapons and violence are better off left alone
Cause you don’t rise when people fall

I see you rot this world
I see you ride this world
I see you rape this world
On, off, on, off, on, off
And I don’t like what I see
You don’t rise when people fall
Fugazi – from the song In Defense Of Humans

From its inception America decided to open Pandora’s box in the name of financial profit… They opened Pandora’s box and out came the genocide of Native people for their land. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade to profit off the lives and labor of others also came out of the box. The flimsy excuses to go to wars that line the pockets of the military industrial complex also came out of that box. The zombie capitalism that allowed…

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