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Australia: Aboriginal man dies in Casuarina Prison as hundreds rally around WA to protest deaths in custody

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by Powell, ABC News, Oct 23, 2014

A 31-year-old Aboriginal man has died in a Perth prison, as hundreds rally around the state to protest Aboriginal deaths in custody.

It is the second death in custody in WA in three months.

Protesters rallied in Perth, South Hedland and Geraldton to demand answers over the death of a 22-year-old Aboriginal woman in police custody in August.

Ms Dhu, 22, died after being locked up in the South Hedland Police Station over unpaid fines.

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Beyond Transnationalism: Lessonz from Frantz Fanon and C.L.R. James

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“We need to remind ourselves that Fanon 
never entertained any illusion that the 
revolutionary struggle against colonialism 
will automatically realize a utopia free from 
the delayed effects and legacies of hundreds 
of years of dehumanized social relations.”
My final prayer:
O my body, make of me always a man who questions!

– Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks

Despite his intricately nuanced anatomy of “race” in Black Skin, White Masks and other works, Fanon has been somehow stereotyped as an apostle of the cult of violence. This passage from The Wretched of the Earth seems to have become the touchstone of classical Fanonism: “Violence alone, violence committed by the people, violence organized and educated by its leaders, makes it possible for the masses to understand social truths and gives the key to them. It frees the native from his inferiority complex, and from his despair and inaction” (94). This free-floating…

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Why White America Fearz Black Liberation Theology

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liberation (4K)Why White America Fears Black Liberation TheologyFor 6 yearsAfromerica has promoted the theory of Black Nationalism, the original doctrine of the new Black Liberation Theology. Recently, through the media montages of Rev. Jeremiah Wright have we learned that America fears the words he speak and the concept behind those words, which is a form of Black Liberation Theology. For clarification purposes, and to all those (Blacks and whites) who are ignorant to the meaning of BLT, here is a summary:Historically put, the BLT originated with the desires of African slaves in the south wanting freedom from slavery and oppression. They believed that they were just as worthy to life and liberty as whites and tried numerous times, although unsuccessfully and in the face of brutality, to gain this freedom to live.

As time passed and the restraints were more legally structured, Black men and women of the BLT…

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1st Amendment Under Attack: Governor of PA Threatenz to Silence Mumia

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Mumia, Prison Radio, and the constitutional rights of all of us to Freedom of Speech are in serious jeopardy.
In response to Mumia’s Commencement speech at Goddard College earlier this month, Pennsylvania legislators passed a Bill this week, the “Revictimization Relief Act, “which will allow victims, District Attorneys, and the Attorney General to sue prisoners for speaking if it causes “mental anguish.”  
(c) Jon Jonik
This is a clear attempt to silence Mumia, by passing bills supposedly intended to help victims. The FOP simply wants to shut prisoners up and shut Prison Radio down!  
Prison Radio has vowed to continue to broadcast his words, regardless of threats or intimidation. Prison Radio has pledged that if the DA or AG sues Mumia and gets an injunction we will have dozens of notable people stand in for him and read his work so that his words will…

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Kronikk: LSD kan være sunt – og et forbud er absurd – Rusmidler – VG

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