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Paris – Night of the long knives

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UKIP, Renzi og partipolitikkens sammenbrudd i Europa | Steigan blogger

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The Nationwide List Of “Day After” Protestz Planned To Demand Justice For Michael Brown & Stop Police Terrorism

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Moorbey'z Blog ...
In expectation of the Grand Jury exonerating Darren Wilson in the murder of Michael Brown, day of/day after demonstrations have been planned in Ferguson and in cities around the country.  Law enforcement has the same expectation of an unjust verdict and is preparing for civil unrest.  The Democratic governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has basically declared martial law in anticipation of actions that have not even happened.  Adding fuel to the flame, the FBI warns police that protests will likely involve threats and attacks against police and property and to prepare to respond in kind.
Just as the U.S. government cannot resolve international disputes without waging wars on the oppressed people of the earth, the wars at home are waged by a militarized police force against people of color and working people without any validation of…

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1,1% av spanske velgere har stor tillit til regjeringa | Steigan blogger

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35,8 millioner mennesker lever i moderne slaveri | Steigan blogger

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Marley-Boro Man: Reggae Icon Bob Marley to Become Face of Global Weed Brand

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Moorbey'z Blog

ByTom Boggioni   

Marley’s favorite herb is coming to the U.S. in the form of lotions and other accessories.

In a deal announced this week, the image of late reggae superstar Bob Marley will soon adorn the packaging of a global brand of marijuana and hemp-infused products bearing the name “ Marley Natural.”

According to Adweek, an agreement was reached between the estate of the music icon, who died in 1981 from a rare acral melanoma, and a newly formed company funded by Seattle-based venture firm Privateer Holdings.  Marley Natural will reportedly become  available late next year and will consist of cannabis-infused lotions, creams, accessories, and mass produced “fine cannabis,” described as “heirloom Jamaican cannabis strains” that Marley himself smoked and enjoyed.

Marley Natural hopes to take advantage of the growing market in legal cannabis products in the United States as well as internationally.


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The hidden crime of capitalism

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Michael Roberts Blog

A recent estimate was made of the economic cost of varied human action globally. The annual economic burden of smoking on health services, shortened life expectancy and illness was found to be the greatest at $2.1trn a year, closely followed by the losses from wars and armed violence around the world and by obesity.

Global economic burdens

These burdens are not just from ‘human action’ but really come from the crimes and waste of capitalism: tobacco companies promoting cigarette smoking, wars provoked by imperialism and nationalism; food companies selling ‘affordable’ junk food with high concentrations of sugar, salt and fats – and of course global warming and climate change.

But one economic burden not recorded in this list is the waste from economic recessions and depressions. The loss of jobs, incomes and assets like homes is no small beer. And the longer the slump, the greater the loss.  This is a hidden crime…

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