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XFactor, a beginning of a new genre: #HipHopEd

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Anticipated! !

Professor A.L.I.


A professor has knowledge, and an M.C. has the audience. The Xfactor is no different than other Professor A.L.I. albums in its construction and interwoven song structure, but it represents a sophistication in lyricism, an advanced rhythmic cadence and an evolution of this M.C. from a spoken word poet into an instrument who marries the rich imagery of his narrative to ebb and flow of the music like never before. Add to this album iconic features like Blitz the Ambassador, Dead Prez, Chino XL, Blak Madeen, Raekwon, Brand Nubian and Canibus and it elevates what is Professor A.L.I.’s best work into an instant classic. Finally, the inclusion of a recorded interview between the late Malcolm Shabazz and Professor A.L.I., truly makes this album worthy of a title that clearly pays homage to the legacy of Malcolm X in Hip-Hop as a kulture.

“Professor ALI and I have been collaborators, conspirators…

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