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Four Hundred Yearz: Slavery to Ferguson

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“The tragedy of Ferguson
and the thousands of other
untold stories of today’s era
ring eerily similar to the tragedies
of yesteryear America.”
Publisher's Note
When I read Daina Ramey Berry’s piece entitled, Slavery in America, it reminded me of one of the  first sensitive conversations on race that I had with the man who would become my husband.  This was many years ago.  Dick and I had only been dating for a few weeks when we disagreed on what I felt was a minor point.  I mentioned that African Americans had endured 400 years of slavery. He quickly challenged me on the number of years. I corrected myself, responding that “I didn’t mean 400 years in actual slavery but intended to say 400 years of oppression.”  The significance of that moment was that the “400 year” mantra was one that barely needed explanation in my family and community of origin. But Dick’s…

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