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Puerto Rico …. America’s Backyard!!

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It Is What It Is


~~February 13, 2014~~ 

I used the video presented below in another post today. However, as I listened and watched, I consider this to be such a powerful video that I believe it deserves a post of its own. If the event that any reader or visitor misses the previous post, this post will lead them to this educational and historical video about my country: Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, literally the Free Associated State of Puerto Rico), is a United States territory located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic, and west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Puerto Rico is an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands, the largest of which are Vieques, Culebra, and Mona. The main island…

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  1. Thanks so very much for this reblog. Deeply appreciated! Peace …..

    • Thank you for sharing! We need to inform. Puertos Rico is often forgotten. As is Hawai’i. As is all of USA built on blood sweat and tears. And it’s still working the same way. Just different.


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