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US: Hypocritical As Usual

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Everyone knows the situation between Israel and Palestine……but few Americans will think about what some of the problem is……please take time to think about this one thing……

Say you have a small olive grove and it is decided that an apartment complex is going in on your farm…..your land is taken and your olive trees cut down to make way for the complex….at that point would you get pissed?

Or how about there is this 2nd cousin that is an outlaw, a law breaker, and because he is part of your family, even a distant relative,  your house gets demolished and land seized…..would you get pissed?

Can you honestly say that you would accept these retaliations?

The US is always hypocritical when it comes to issues and policies dealing with Israel.  For instance, the US worked hard to keep nukes out of the Middle East but Israel is allowed to…

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