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Callz needed to save politikal prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal’z life

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Please say, “Mumia must be allowed to see an outside doctor and get the complete adequate medical care he needs immediately. Demand that Mumia Abu-Jamal sees an outside doctor ASAP.”

  • John Kerestes, Superintendent SCI Mahanoy: 570-773-2158570-773-2158 x8102 | 570-783-2008570-783-2008 Fax | 301 Morea Road, Frackville PA 1793
  • Tom Wolf, PA Gvrnr: 717-787-2500717-787-2500 | | 508 Main Capitol Building, Harrisburg PA 17120
  • John Wetzel, PA DOC: 717-728-4109717-728-4109 | 717-728-4178717-728-4178 Fax | | 1920 Technology Pkwy, Mechanicsburg PA 17050
  • Susan McNaughton, DOC Press secretary 717-728-4025717-728-4025. PA Doc

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  1. I understand a reblog or 2 from my blog every now and then but u have taken thiz beyond that. I do a lot of research and massive amountz of reading to get material 4 my blog. Do the same and bring something to the table so we can both eat. It isn’t my duty to carry ur blog.

    • Brother, i can understand your comment. I could be writing more on my own. I do a lotta reading myself, and far too rare i write something about what i read. I found your blog, and i concur to your analysis thus i press it. That said, I’ve been thinking that getting this out and to the people has been more important than who’s the author of the piece.

      I live in Norway. Almost NO single person has any knowledge of the serious issues you are bringing information about. NO one knows about Mumia. The Black panthers. US imperialism. It’s not a known narrative here.

      I do a lotta work orally, but not so much written. Step by step people here are ready to hear the truth. But we are a conformed sheltered society. I need to feel out what i think people are ready to hear. A lotta cognitive dissonance here.

      Would love to sit down and have a dialogue with you about how to work.

      Keep up the good work. It’s important.

      One love


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