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Tyrkia og IS: bevisene hoper seg opp | Steigan blogger

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42 Kilos of Cocaine Discovered on a Cargo Boat Owned by Anti-Drug Senator’s Family | WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS

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Why Puerto Rico Will Not Become the 51st State | WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS

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Gave til leserne: Veiskille – Finnes det noen vei ut av miljøkrisa? (1990) | Steigan blogger

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Haiti Urges Global Intervention In Dominican Migration Crisis

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Repeating Islands

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The Organization of American States will send a delegation to the Dominican Republic this week to investigate the crisis, TeleSur reports.

​Haiti has called for the intervention of the international community Wednesday to speed up the regularization of hundreds of thousands of undocumented Haitian-Dominicans facing deportation in the Dominican Republic.

In an address to the Organization of American States, Haiti’s Foreign Minister Lener Renauld urged the Dominican Republic to treat its Haitian descendants more humanely and bring an end to the humanitarian crisis.

“Haiti comes to the Americas to urge the Dominican Republic to come to its senses. Haiti does not come to ask for mercy, it comes to protest the treatment of its nationals in the Dominican Republic,” Renauld said according to news agency Al Momento.

Haiti’s protest at the OAS comes as the interregional forum announced it will send a special mission to the Dominican Republic and Haiti between July 10-14 in the face of…

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Yemen crisis: War-ravaged country ‘one step away from famine’, says United Nations official – Middle East – World – The Independent

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